Friday, September 27, 2013

SHOPS | mmm paris

Ahhhhh! Such a cool store! I managed to get a couple shots before I put my camera away to look at the collections. I spent a little time upstairs reading a little about previous Margiela collections (conception, process, etc) and it really opened my eyes to how amazing this brand is. The sales clerks in the store were incredibly kind too--they answered all my questions very kindly even though there was a language barrier. I also didn't feel the need to rush through my browsing like I often have to in a lot of high fashion brand stores back at home. You know, like those times when you feel the silent judging eyes of the sales clerks boring into the back of your head because they can smell the poor on you? But it's decided, once I get a steady job I'll be saving up for this { baby }, but until then all I can do is drool admire at it from afar. I also got a look at their new converse x mmm collaboration. Very cool concept. I'm thinking a new DIY is in order.

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