Saturday, November 5, 2016

TRAVEL | street life hanoi

Busy life in Hanoi.
Hong Kong seems so quiet in comparison

TRAVEL | hanoi

Last week SCAD took my class on a whirlwind trip to Hanoi to do research. The trip was short-lived but we all managed to fit a lot activities in those two days. The school sorted our accommodation and placed us in what is probably the best neighbourhood in town. We were in the heart of the city and basically within walking distance of a lot of attractions and landmarks.

We stayed at Centre Point Hanoi, and at breakfast we had the most brilliant view of the old quarter and the lake.

I'm prepared to go back for round two in December to get a better feel of the city, the culture/history, and most importantly, the food. I'm just glad I didn't leave this time without trying some of that world-famous vietnamese coffee. Mo and I only managed to go visit two cafes, but the coffee with condensed milk at { Hanoi House Cafe } was steller.