Friday, September 13, 2013

TRAVEL | london photo diary

A little over a week into the trip and I can already say that I am exhausted! In the last 10 days I have dragged my luggage from London to Edinburgh, back to London and then to Bristol and today moved to Paris. My health has been taking a toll due to all the physical and mental stress and as a result of that I've been suffering from a cold the past 6 days. But I'm finally feeling better and now I have a couple days to kick back and relax and enjoy my visit to Paris--and this time not feeling the need to drag my DSLR with me everywhere I go. Just me and the city.

And finally, here are the last of my photos from London. The city was just as great as I had remembered it to be and I had a fantastic 5 day stay. As some may recall I originally booked my accommodation in { Shoreditch }, but due to some problems with the hostel (too much secondhand smoking happening) I switched out of The Dictionary to Astor Quest. The new hostel was located in Bayswater and nestled right between two tube stations--as well as a bunch of Asian restaurants--which I found incredibly convenient.

What's great about this trip was that I had enough time to explore parts of the city I didn't get to last year. And knowing that I'll be back in November allowed my schedule to be more flexible.

Then there was the shopping. Lately I've been looking to buy a new wallet to replace my old Kenneth Cole one I bought in 09. I found my wallet the first day of shopping. It's a perfect minimalist pouch from Cos and made from super soft leather with multiple compartments! I also scored some freebies from Aesop from a super friendly salesman during my visit to Borough Market. I'll probably be making a trip back to get some gifts before I fly home.

And please excuse the awful 'selfie', but it's the only way I can get a photo of myself on the trip. I'm too shy to ask someone to take photos of me.

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