Friday, February 27, 2015

PERSONAL | impromptu

Every time a new aesthetically-pleasing-minimalist-lifestyle-coffee-and-or-restaurant opens up shop in Hong Kong there always seems to be a mad scramble for bloggers/instagramers to see who can get there first. It's only been a couple weeks since it's opening but { ethos } is already generating buzz amongst the expat-y community. Though, I'm not surprised because the space is gorgeous.

So my friend Irene and I decided to drop by for a quick coffee break last weekend during Chinese New Year because we both didn't have anything to do. I'm sad to say that I found the coffee only to be ok, and after just recently discovering { Cupping Room } in Wan Chai, I'm not sure how often I'd be visiting. :(

Highlight of the day was definitely the impromptu photoshoot we did right outside ethos. For ages now I've been wanting to practice my portrait/lifestyle photography, but I can never quite pluck up the courage to ask people to model for me, so it's super exciting whenever Irene asks me to help her take some fun outfit shots.