Monday, March 23, 2015

TRAVEL | bangkok photo diary

Feels so GREAT to be blogging about traveling again! I haven't left Hong Kong since my trip to { Singapore } last year and I've really been craving a break from the city -- well, my city at least. 

Day 1 in Bangkok. 

We landed at 4pm last Thursday and due to the infamous Bangkok traffic we didn't get to our hotel until 7. But I wasn't mad because I don't often get a luxury to stay at hotels when traveling -- it's hostels all the way for me! Therefore the rest of the evening was all about lounging around, swimming pools, and bubble baths. 

My trip didn't officially start until the next morning when I split from the group to do a bit of exploring on my own. I was lucky that the hotel was located right in the center of town, so getting around was a breeze.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GUIDE | hong kong

I moved to Hong Kong mid January of 2014, and since then I've been slowly accumulating some of my favorite restaurants, shops, and overall nice places to share with friends and family. While some locals may argue that these spots are rather generic, but I've only included spaces I find myself revisiting again and again. I hope you enjoy!

&please comment below if you have any questions/concerns

PS. This is a work in a progress and I'll be adding new places as I go along :)

Update (6/12/16): This list needed a major upgrade since many of the places I had on the list before have closed permanently. I've also switched out some restaurants and cafes with newer ones that I go to more nowadays. Happy Travels!

Monday, March 16, 2015

HONG KONG | art basel 2015

This year's Art Basel was moved up from May to March. To be honest, with art week being pushed up so early it felt like it came out of nowhere. There was hardly any hype and barely any advertisement so it was hard to feel excited at all. Or maybe it is because it coincided with finals week of school so snagging tickets to the biggest art event of the year was the least of my worries!

But finals are over now and I finally had a chance to check out the exhibitions this afternoon. I really loved some of the stuff I've seen. I think this year beats { last year's } for sure.

PS. Heading out to Thailand this thursday for R&R. Stay tuned for some travel posts. God, I've missed those!