Thursday, September 12, 2013

TRAVEL | little venice + clifton nurseries

Located a little off the beaten path, Little Venice is a cozy little neighborhood situated just north of Paddington. It's a very quant and picturesque little residential district and home to many young couples and their 2.5 children. My destination goal of the day was to visit the Clifton Nurseries, which is a outdoor gardening center known as the go-to place if you want to spice up your backyard space. To be honest, that day I was looking more forward to the little cafe located inside the center--any hot drink and some food to eat to remedy the horrible cold I had caught a few days before. Even though sort of I rushed through Little Venice I can't deny that I wasn't charmed by the little canals and lovely apartments. I'll definitely be bringing Kelly here for round two. And I hear the cafe serves a killer Pistachio cake. Looks like I know what I'll be ordering!

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