Friday, September 6, 2013

TRAVEL | edinburgh photo diary

The last several days have been such a whirlwind. In between getting over jet lag and making sure I catch all the sites in my 3 days in Edinburgh, it left me little to no time to catch my breath--and not to mention edit photos. It really didn't help that my hostel dorm didn't have any outlets or wifi and that my laptop is about an inch from death. In the end I just stowed my laptop away and kept my days simple, only using my phone to access the internet.

Anyways, lets stay back on track. Heres a photo compilation I put together of my favorite shots I took during the course of my stay in Edinburgh. I was utterly fascinated with the whole city: It was a perfect blend of medieval and modern bits and pieces. I found it so bizarre that not even a third of a mile from a friggin' 12th century { Castle } was a Topshop and the local Mcdonalds. I mean, can you imagine??!!!

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