Wednesday, December 24, 2014

PERSONAL | spottlyinsider x tesla

It's Christmas Eve here and I'm sitting at home because I'm just too lazy to go out to celebrate. Instead I'd like to share some outtakes from a shoot I did for a Spottly x Tesla collaboration last week. I'm really excited to share these because this is my first booked 'gig' as a freelancer (I'm still learning the ropes, but one step at a time) and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Check out the blog post on

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

PERSONAL | dark side

I find it hilarious that locals sometimes refer to Kowloon as "The Darkside". To be fair, this part of the city is far grittier than the Hong Kong side, with all its gentrification and fancy hotels. Even though I too have been converted to the more expat friendly Hong Kong side, the Kowloon side still holds some significance for me since I did spend a majority of my childhood there.

The other day I had this strong urge to visit some of my old haunts, which included the neighbourhood of my childhood best friend and my old kindergarten. I had to take a photo of that ol' zebra crossing because of the story about this one time when my mum came to pick me up from school. I was always really excited when my mum came to pick me up from school - dunno why since she did it everyday..? (Children logic!!!!) Anyways, when I ran towards her I ended up tripping over my own feet and then face planting in front of the whole school. It was a little embarrassing, but more of a laugh than anything. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

PERSONAL | clockenflap

Call me a music festival noob. Which is quite embarrassing to say the least considering I come from California - also known as the hub of indie/edm music festivals in the USA of the past several years or so. So when a friend asked if I was interested in attending Clockenflap this year I thought what the heck and bought my ticket. 

The event turned out to be really fun - I really loved CHVRCHES's performance. And what made it even better was coincidentally a friend in LA was in town the same week/end as Clockenflap. He joined us on a whim and we both got to experience our first Asia music festival. Though I have to say that Clockenflap lacks the hedonistic & hippy vibes of their American counterparts, but personally I sort of enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere. And I also have to note that almost every trendy restaurant in Hong Kong opened up shop at the event. I mean how many people can say they that had dry aged steak sandwiches at a festival? 

Only in Hong Kong folks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PERSONAL | a graduation

I was so excited (and really flattered) when my good friend Irene asked me to shoot her graduation photos. I don't have the most experience shooting portraits/people so I was pretty nervous so I spent a good chunk of an afternoon flipping through magazines for inspiration. Some times it blows me away how some photographers can capture a person's portrait - I mean, there's so many things to consider at that one moment it almost is overwhelming! Major props to photographers who work in film - I don't know how you do it?!

The results? I'm really happy with them, and most importantly, Irene's happy with them. We didn't have too many shots to work with in the end since our shoot was cut short at the venue (no photography allowed is always just the worst..) but I liked what we left with.

Thanks Irene for trusting me and letting me be apart of your momentous occasion! Congratulations!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

INSPIRATION | shadow & steps

Finding inspiration in every day life.

I've been a bit behind on blogging due to all the coursework we've been given at school. And I've also been filling in applications left and right applying for scholarships & other school related projects. But in more exciting news, I'll be moving into my new apartment in a week or two. Can't wait for my new workspace!

Anyways, I'm hoping to get to do more personal work as soon as the quarter ends.
Really looking forward to winter holidays.

Friday, October 17, 2014

PERSONAL | house of vans zine workshop

Last week I joined a zine making workshop hosted by [ Little Square ] and Vans as part of the House of Vans Asia Tour. Noted photographer Tobin Yelland, and Zine maker Lele Saveri led the workshop along with handful of 'team leaders'. They taught us how to make zines [ Punkzine ] style - and I'm talking print, photocopying, xerox machine, the whole shebang. When we started Yelland and Saveri had already chosen the theme for our zines: The Hong Kong Protests aka Umbrella Revolution, Occupy Central, etc. To be honest, I would've preferred to chose my own theme/subject, or just had the zine dedicated to the beautiful Sheung Wan neighbourhood but I guess I can always make one on my own some other time if I want to.

The finished product is the handy work of mine and two of my fellow SCAD classmates. I'm actually pretty happy with how our zine turned out, considering the time constraints. In the end we printed two versions: one full colour on white paper (with yellow insert pages) and one black and white on yellow paper.

I used some of these [ photos ] on my pages in the zine

Thursday, October 9, 2014

HONG KONG | occupy

I took these photos of Umbrella Revolution/Occupy Central movement on the October 1st and 12th. I personally don't have anything to new to say on the protests that hasn't already been said. I showed up to the protests just as a curious bystander - looking to document the occasion for personal purposes. And as a Hong Kong citizen, I naturally felt the need to witness this revolution for myself. Even though I can't say how this is all going to pan out in the end, I can't help but feel a surge of pride seeing all these people fighting for what they believe in.

Monday, October 6, 2014

PERSONAL | currently reading

I picked up a new book recently on someone's recommendation. I'm still in the first few chapters but the stories and studies Susan Cain brings up in her book is already shining a light on my own introvert personality.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

PERSONAL | hypebeast hq

So here's some snapshots I took of Hypebeast HQ. I've been waiting to share these photos since July but had to wait for their publication on Spottly's new blog first. Before moving to Hong Kong I had no idea what Hypebeast was. It wasn't until I checked their facebook page did I realise what a huge international following they had - even some of my friends from Irvine were following them. And what was more surprising was finding out they were based in Hong Kong, of all cities!

I had a blast doing some behind-the-scenes shooting that day. It's such a treat to be able to visit people's creative spaces. Actually, one of my favourite daily reads is an online interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments. They've been one of my biggest inspirations this past year, so getting the opportunity to do something similar was just a great experience.