Sunday, June 22, 2014

PERSONAL | behind-the scenes of chai wan mei village

Currently sifting through several weeks of backlogged photos and I realised i haven't posted my photos from last month's Spottly Chai Wan Mei Village event.  I always loved events like these - back in Los Angeles I used to attend Unique LA's holiday show every year. I love the idea of supporting local artists and bonding with people through our mutual passion for art.

I was too busy the day of the event, meeting and greeting people, to take photos so my buddy Li Hui handled the daunting task instead - and did an amazing job might I add! All of these photos were actually taken in the preproduction stages, a few days before the actual event. I took some shots of some of the vendors who had came in early to set up their products. I really really loved the neon and tribal prints from the vendor in the first photo - I would love to buy one of those patterned stools for the living room in future apartment! The rest of my time was spent finishing painting the massive Spottly signage, prepping the tote bags, and decorating the space with props with the other interns. If you're interested in seeing the official event photos of CWMVillage, please head over to our [ Facebook Page ].

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