Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ACCESSORIES | margiela x h&m key ring bracelet

I try my best not to splurge on clothes but sometimes there's that one item you can't say "no" to. I was browsing on ebay (digital flea market!!) the other night and came across a seller who was selling the sold out Margiela x H&M oversized key ring bracelet ($34). It's a little loud and more than a little avant-garde, but I love it! My current wardrobe is nothing more than basics anyways, so a little accessory that makes me look like I just recently escaped from a elaborate bank heist gone wrong is just the statement piece I need.

Anyways, I did eventually do a little research on the whole collection (Autumn/Winter 2012). Turns out the collection showcased some reissued pieces drawn from the older Margiela archives. The collaboration incorporated a lot of the boxy silhouettes and oversized garments for which the House is famous for. Full collection on { Vouge }

I'm so happy to own a little something from Marigela, even if it is just a collaboration piece. It's small, but definitely not subtle. It's perfect!

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