Friday, August 23, 2013

OUTFIT | cashmere jumper

grey cashmere jumper - thrifted // gold bracelet - H&M

For the sake of my upcoming Europe trip and my move out of the country in January, I decided to clear out my closet of a few old things I never/hardly ever wear. I didn't realize how much stuff I had lying around until the end--when I was stuffing 5 bags worth of old clothes into my car. I was successful in selling some (while the rest will probably be donated to the local goodwill) and earned about $50 in the process, so I look a quick look around the store and came across this gem of a jumper! After living in California for the last 8 years and hailing from the subtropics before that gives me little to no reason to buy warm shirts, knits, or jackets. Cashmere isn't hard to come by but has always been a little out of my budget, especially since I never need to wear any more than a light jacket even in winter here in the States. So when I found this jumper--and in incredible condition as well--for a measly $20 (they usually go for $150-$300), I snatched it up straight away. I remember how freezing cold it was in Paris last year in October, but this time this knit under a nice wool coat is how I plan to be spending my early winter days overseas!

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