Thursday, August 1, 2013

TRAVEL | europe route

In the end of this month I'll be packing my bags and flying off on my two month long European Adventure!

It was a little tough trying to hit all the cities I wanted to go to. Last time I was overseas I only visited London and Paris. If I had the means and time, I would've liked to tour Europe until next year rolls around, but unfortunately my 'grown up' responsibilities are starting to creep up on me. My gap year is soon coming to an end and this will be the ultimate send-off party!

I will be starting my trip up in Edinburgh then moving down to London. Before I leave for Paris I'll be taking a day to visit Bristol (can anyone say SKINS??!!). Then I'll be in staying Paris for a week and after that is when all the hard traveling will begin. I'll be bussing it from each location: starting from Paris to Bruges, then from Bruges to Amsterdam and so on. I'll be packing and unpacking every three or four days until I reach the end of my loop in Nice (not a bad place to end at all!). Then from Nice I'll be flying back to Paris for a couple days and then heading back to London for two weeks before I finally fly back home to California.

And speaking of London, Kelly spontaneously booked a plane ticket today to meet me in there for a week in November! For months now I've been wishing we could somehow visit London together and today, when I was wishing out loud yet again, Kelly mentioned she actually had enough saved in the bank from this past year for a roundtrip ticket. We did some quick calculations and found out she even had leftovers for a hostel. We booked her ticket together right after and the rest is history!

Two and a half months, 16 different cities, 10 different counties. I can't wait!

Looks like its time to read up on some { Nomadic Matt } travel tips.

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