Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TRAVEL | the biker life

Jamie: Common Ground jacket // Tee - UO // Jeans - UO // Dr. Martens
Kelly: Sweater + jeans - Uniqlo // Muscle tank - H&M // Free Runs 3.0

Despite walking into the bike rental store thinking "I got this!", it turns out I am horribly rusty at this biking game--it could be that the bike handles were too far apart from what I'm used to or that my feet just barely reached the pedals--either way, the whole experience was rather embarrassing. Not to say it wasn't fun though. I think today was my favorite day since we've been here! The original plan was to walk Stanley Park, but after finding out how large the park actually was (8.8 km or 5.5 miles), I then came up with the new plan: bikes!

Choosing a bike rental shop was easy enough. Yelp was incredibly helpful and we ended up going to { Spoke Bike Rentals } since I read that they offered good bikes at reasonable rates. Our 2+ hour ride came out to $30~ (and we got an additional discount from our hostel).

The trail itself was easy enough to bike on (Kelly and I were nervous at first since we haven't touched a bicycle since 2010). There were a lot of scenic spots for your photographing pleasure, as well as parks and wide open spaces for when you need a break. At one point Kelly and I took a wrong turn and ended up riding waaaaaay south of where we intended to go--this resulted 15 minute delay and extra sore muscles. Can't complain though, we actually ended up riding through English Bay (Beach), a location I had actually planned for us to visit tomorrow. Two birds, one stone. Hooray.

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