Monday, May 20, 2013

FOOD | café medina

Nothing is more inviting after walking around the city on a cold rainy morning than delicious, piping hot food. Since we're staying downtown, all the good eats and the best stores is only a short walk away. { Café Medina } was the first restaurant I bookmarked on yelp when I was planning my trip to Vancouver--after reading all the raving reviews I couldn't wait to make a visit. Breakfast was a Tagine for me ( 2 poached eggs, merguez sausage, and sundried black olives swimming in a spicy tomato stew). Kelly had the Paella (1 baked egg, curried orzo, Hungarian chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, roasted corn, grano padano, watercress, tomatoes, and avocado)The skinny? Food was good and interior was comfortable. Unfortunately I got tired of my Tagine rather quickly since I'm not the biggest fan of tomatoes--I only recommend it for hardcore tomato lovers. Kelly's paella on the other hand was amazing. I had to keep myself from reaching over for a bite of her dish for every one of mine.

Tips:001_Come early. We waited 45 mins (arrived at 11am on a Friday morning).
002_Maybe hold off on the waffle. $3+ for a not-so-fresh piece of belgium waffle smaller than the size of my palm was kind of off putting.
003_Lavendar latte was pretty tasty

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