Sunday, May 19, 2013

SHOPS | mohawk general store

I love Mohawk General Store. This place is possibly one of the best shops to visit if you're looking for not-so-everyday gifts. They also carry a lot of beautiful local and foreign designer items like Black Crane, Clare Vivier, Rachel Comey, Repetto, A.P.C and Comme des Garcon to name a few. No doubt that I would walk in and out with the bag full of goodies every time if I had the $$$. More than once have I looked longingly at an item only to find that it costs $300+ (It's not quite written in the stars just yet, but I'll be back!)!!! Anyways, those hefty price tags never stop me from dropping by for a quick peek every once in a while. The store also constantly rearranges their wares, so it never looks the same twice, which I find very refreshing--almost reminds me of pop-ups.

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