Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PERSONAL | costa mesa photo op

I finally upgraded my ancient macbook last month so I could download a trial version of Adobe Lightroom 4. I've been debating for months now on whether I needed the program or not--after being a loyal Photoshop user for the last 10 years the idea of learning how to use another editing program seemed daunting.

The biggest surprise was finding out that Lightroom's set up is completely different from photoshop/illustrator--it even took me a while to figure out how to open my files. But after much trial and error I have found that it is a wonderful program--a time saver and very easy to work with--and I honestly don't know how I had the patience to edit all my photos before! It was tedious work, editing one by one on photoshop--saturation, color, contrast, highlights, curves--you get the idea.

But editing old sample photos for practice got boring fast, so today { Moises } and I stopped by Costa Mesa so I could take some photos. The OC Mix Mart/The Lab is quite photogenic, so thankfully I got decent shots to work with.

Still practicing.

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