Monday, December 8, 2014

PERSONAL | clockenflap

Call me a music festival noob. Which is quite embarrassing to say the least considering I come from California - also known as the hub of indie/edm music festivals in the USA of the past several years or so. So when a friend asked if I was interested in attending Clockenflap this year I thought what the heck and bought my ticket. 

The event turned out to be really fun - I really loved CHVRCHES's performance. And what made it even better was coincidentally a friend in LA was in town the same week/end as Clockenflap. He joined us on a whim and we both got to experience our first Asia music festival. Though I have to say that Clockenflap lacks the hedonistic & hippy vibes of their American counterparts, but personally I sort of enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere. And I also have to note that almost every trendy restaurant in Hong Kong opened up shop at the event. I mean how many people can say they that had dry aged steak sandwiches at a festival? 

Only in Hong Kong folks.

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