Friday, October 17, 2014

PERSONAL | house of vans zine workshop

Last week I joined a zine making workshop hosted by [ Little Square ] and Vans as part of the House of Vans Asia Tour. Noted photographer Tobin Yelland, and Zine maker Lele Saveri led the workshop along with handful of 'team leaders'. They taught us how to make zines [ Punkzine ] style - and I'm talking print, photocopying, xerox machine, the whole shebang. When we started Yelland and Saveri had already chosen the theme for our zines: The Hong Kong Protests aka Umbrella Revolution, Occupy Central, etc. To be honest, I would've preferred to chose my own theme/subject, or just had the zine dedicated to the beautiful Sheung Wan neighbourhood but I guess I can always make one on my own some other time if I want to.

The finished product is the handy work of mine and two of my fellow SCAD classmates. I'm actually pretty happy with how our zine turned out, considering the time constraints. In the end we printed two versions: one full colour on white paper (with yellow insert pages) and one black and white on yellow paper.

I used some of these [ photos ] on my pages in the zine

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