Saturday, September 13, 2014

PERSONAL | hypebeast hq

So here's some snapshots I took of Hypebeast HQ. I've been waiting to share these photos since July but had to wait for their publication on Spottly's new blog first. Before moving to Hong Kong I had no idea what Hypebeast was. It wasn't until I checked their facebook page did I realise what a huge international following they had - even some of my friends from Irvine were following them. And what was more surprising was finding out they were based in Hong Kong, of all cities!

I had a blast doing some behind-the-scenes shooting that day. It's such a treat to be able to visit people's creative spaces. Actually, one of my favourite daily reads is an online interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments. They've been one of my biggest inspirations this past year, so getting the opportunity to do something similar was just a great experience.

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