Monday, June 3, 2013

WISH LIST | untitled + daisy

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It's been two, three years since I bought my last perfume. As the last of my beloved Chloe perfume disappears I've been doing some research on some new scents. Most recently, I've come across { untitled } by Maison Martin Margiela.

"With this first fragrance, Maison Martin Margiela offers an intimate luxury. By naming it (untitled), the Maison defies all conventions to let its first fragrance speak for itself. Inspired by apothecary vials, the bottle seems dipped in paint before being sealed with white cotton strings, reflecting the Maison's craftsmanship know-how. The fragrance signature is made of exceptionally rare and noble ingredients: an unexpected contrast between incisive, dazzling green notes and a sensual dry down bursting with frankincense and white musk. A unique, harmonious and sensual trail."

I've also been debating on whether to invest in a larger bottle of Marc Jacob's popular Daisy perfume. I've only owned their .24oz rollerball size and am not sure if I want to upgrade or keep my baby travel-sized stick. 

edit: on second thought I think I'll stick with baby Daisy

If only untitled didn't come with such a hefty price tag. I would snatch it up in a minute. Time to put it on the list of things to start saving up for.

I also have my eye on { Chanel No. 5 } &{ Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche }

Edit: My wonderful friends got me the Eau Fraîche for my 23rd birthday! I cannot be more grateful for them :) 


  1. i love daisy :) but i love his limited edition "sunshine" under the daisy collection even more!

    1. Must try next time I'm at sephora then!! Thanks Tiff! :)
      Oh and thanks for being one of my first commenters, you made my day!