Monday, June 10, 2013

ACCESSORIES | birthday goods

001_Mast Brothers Chocolate (Cocoa Nibs)
002_Brown Sugar Packets
003_Voluspa Candle (French Cade Lavender)
004_Fat Toad Caramel Goat Cheese Spread
005_Nutella Grab & Go
006_ Poketo Reclaimed Branch Colored Pencils
007_Pageo Lavender Farm Soap (Naked In The Woods)

My best friends really know how to go above and beyond to make a girl feel special. All my gifts were wrapped in a beautifully obnoxious green box decorated with pink, purple, and yellow flowers. A perfect gag gift in itself. Best part was digging elbow-deep through the mess of styrofoam peanuts for all the goodies. Half the bag was filled with more gag gifts (thanks guys, I think I'm set with brown sugar and udon for life!) but I did get some really special pieces including a bar of Mast Brother chocolate whose product is known amongst the hipster folk for its beautiful paper packaging. I've always admired the brand from afar but could never justify spending over $10 for a bar of chocolate. There's also the Voluspa luxury candle that smells absolutely amazing--even now I can smell that lavender goodness with the can across the room with the lid on. Can't wait to bust this out one night and have a candle therapy session. And who says stuffed animals are just for children? My friends also got me a very handsome and super cuddley { blabla kitty }, whom I've named Frankie and is currently sitting at the foot of my bed next to my ikea gator--best friends! And just when I thought I had opened my last goodie bag, the piece de resistance was nestled on the very bottom! But that's a post saved for later.

Anyways, these pictured above is probably just a fraction of what was in the box (is that little spoon adorable or what???) and I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for amazing friends. I didn't even mention yet that they took me and my birthday buddy Armando out to Los Angeles for the day for some shopping then pre-dinner appetizer then actual dinner and THEN dessert. Looks like the birthday bar just got raised a little bit higher this year. Thanks again Sarah, Moises, and Kelly. You guys really are the best!

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