Friday, June 14, 2013

OUTFIT | summer uniform

Oversized blazer - Zara // White tee - H&M Mens // Workout shorts - H&M

Ahhh! Summer is definitely not my season--it is only just beginning and I'm already dreaming of winter coats and knits. This summer I'm trying to alter my usual wardrobe to fit my current style. When it's 90+ degrees out it's hard to want to reach for anything other than a tank, shorts, and sandals. While most Californians have no problem whatsoever with those summer staples, I on the other hand am quite uncomfortable wearing tanks and shorts--sandals I can handle, though they give you the most awful sandal tan that can take months to get rid of. So it all comes down to experimenting. Instead of tanks, this year I've stocked up on some basic tees in white, black and grey to be paired up with loose bottoms including: boyfriend jeans, harem pants, and trousers. As for shorts, I've recently realized that I don't really like wearing denim shorts (I just don't really feel myself in them), so instead I bought a pair of workout shorts to substitute. They're super comfortable and I find that the plain matte black keeps an outfit clean and crisp. And isn't there a whole sports lux vibe in the fashion industry this season anyways? ;)

Additionally, I've always been all about outerwear, so recently I've been searching for some lightweight jackets (blazers, kimonos, or even large chiffon blouses turned makeshift jackets) to tie an outfit all together. A couple weeks ago I came across the perfect Spring/Summer blazer at Zara and picked it up straight away to add to my summer essentials pile. I like how the peachy/pastel adds a bit of color to my usual black and white palette. Last but not least, I like to put on a simple black heel or my new favorite { Asos atlanta ankle boot } and voilà, my summer uniform is complete!

photo by Kelly

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