Saturday, February 3, 2018

TRAVEL | searching for sun in barcelona

When everyone warned me of dreariness of Berlin winters--how it can easily lead to low moods or depression due to the lack of sun. As someone who's not that keen on hot sweaty summers (but has only lived in places that has hot sweaty summers) I was interested in how I'd fare in the cold. Right now I'd have to say "so far so good", I haven't lost my sanity yet, and it's already February. Only a few more months until spring!

With that said, it's also not a bad idea to leave the doom and gloom for a bit, which is why we flew off to Barcelona for a quick getaway. It's funny that I never even got to posting my photos from 2015, when I was a much different person at a very different stage of my life. I instead of bumbling around alone in the city, I got to explore it with my favourite human--show him one or two of my favourite sights in Barcelona.

Roman is really big on sports, so every time we go travel he insists on us bringing along some
running gear. Though I still haven't grown to love running as much as he does, I do feel I'm
improving! On this particular sunny morning Roman planned for us to run along the beach. Our loop
was 8km long, which is actually the longest distance I've ever run. And all this before breakfast too!

Luckily we found an amazing bakery a short two-minute walk from our apartment. We ordered our
first-of-many jamón sandwich, and some sort of danish topped with sticky-sweet berries. The
sandwich was probably one of the best I've ever had, but I might be biased because also I was also so
hungry at the time. You can see Roman here taking a sneaky bite of the sandwich from my backpack
because we were at another cafe for our morning coffee.

For lunch we went to little restaurant nearby (lucky us!) for seafood. We had tried to get a table here
the night before but when we arrived the line was outside the door, a testament to the quality of their
food. This was why I insisted on us arriving right when they opened their doors for lunch. I know I
probably sounded like some crazy foodie but 1. I barely got to eat any seafood on my last trip
because I was tight on money and 2. it's a good thing we arrived so early because 30 minutes later
this place was packed to the brim.

Prior to our arrival, I texted my friend Carmen for her recommendations for Spanish specialities and
she (bless her *praying hands emoji*) got back to me within the next 30 minutes with a huge list of
many foods I've never tried. Amongst her list was pan con tomate (tomatos on bread), which is what
we ordered here alongside grilled sardines, baby calamari (surprisingly good considering I am not a
fan of fried food), and grilled cuttlefish.

We cycled so much around Barcelona on the third day it was nice to take a break and hang out at the beach on our last afternoon. The trip was short but sweet, and I did end up crossing some things off my to-do list that I didn't get to last time such as Camp Nou and Mount Montjuïc among other things.

My Gaudi related post is coming up next as I felt they deserved a space of their own.

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