Friday, October 21, 2016

TRAVEL | dresden + hrensko

Roman and I decided to take a trip back in early September. Roman proposed a hiking up { Pravčická brána } in Czech Republic and {Sächsische Schweiz} in Germany, so we kind of planned our short holiday around those hikes. On the first day we stopped in Dresden to explore the city.

We arrived late in the afternoon so there wasn't much sunlight left in the day for us to explore. All I remember is that I made the terrible call of finding food after we go sightseeing even though I was starving so those first couple hours were kind of a blur. When we eventually went for dinner we found a { great little place } next to our hostel that served amazing pulled pork sandwiches.

We arrived in Hrensko on day two. The motobike ride was really short--only about an hour and a half--so we still had a lot of energy for hike number 1. Our first trail, Pravčická brána, was only supposed to be 14-16km. But due to our lack of knowledge one of the trails leading back to our village closed at 6pm (we arrived at 6:10pm) which led us take the longest detour ever back to our hotel.

There are a few android photos here from Roman's phone since I didn't want to lug my canon around during our climbs. And with what happened during day 1, I'm so glad that I didn't haha.

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