Sunday, August 17, 2014

PERSONAL | confession time

I sorta hate having my photo taken. While some people are born for the camera, I on the other hand was not - hence my preference to be behind it for most gatherings/events. However I always fear the day will come when I'm old and grey (or maybe just in my 50s or something haha) and discover I have no photos of myself from my 20s. When I was a kid one of my favourite pastimes was to flip through albums of photographs from my childhood. Looking back on these past few years, I realise how little I appear in my own albums. It really sucks that the only person I'm comfortable with to take photos of me is my sister - and vice versa for her I think. But given the fact that she's several thousand miles away at the moment I'm guessing a photo shoot's not happening anytime soon!

But on a slightly different tangent I'm also looking to practice my portrait photography. So if anyone's up for a (double) shooting session some time please let me know! :)

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