Monday, May 19, 2014

EXHIBITIONS | white cube: states and conditions - antony gormley

Antony Gormley's exhibition ended in Hong Kong just days ago. I wish I had the opportunity to visit more than once. Good thing I had my camera with me the first time I visited. His work is so amazing to look at.

"With ‘States and Conditions, Hong Kong’, Gormley turned the entire gallery architecture into a psychic and physiological testing ground, using sculpture to animate space and activate the built environment. The exhibition was designed to resonate within the dense urban conditions particular to Hong Kong. 

Dispersed tactically throughout the gallery and its connecting stairways and passages, the works in the exhibition invited the viewer’s active projection. Using dramatic changes in material and scale, both the body of sculpture and that of the viewer are included and excluded, made solid and dematerialised, allowed to displace space but also to identify with it. 

The works invite circumnavigation and are catalysts for a choreography of movement. This process is initiated by the first work the viewer encountered, Ease (2012), which obstructed the main entrance from the street. This massive iron ‘Blockwork’ sculpture suggested an awkward occupation of the gallery architecture, and encourages an awareness of our position in space and time." (via White Cube)

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