Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TRAVEL | borough market, the happiest place on earth

I have been waiting so long to get this post up and running. In the midst of all that has been happening I found very little time to upload and edit old photographs. I still can hardly believe that it's been 3 months since the big trip has ended. I still catch myself daydreaming about my old travels, and then subsequently daydreaming about new ones. However, travel plans for the near future will be put on hold since I have a lot of saving to do all over again - and not to mention, school and work will be keeping me busy as well. So in the meantime, these photos will have to do.

Presenting: Borough Market. Where do I even begin? It is the BEST food market I have ever been - and I've visited several around Europe. They have these sandwiches with fresh sausages made from wild game (boar, deer, phesants - take your pick), fresh fruit/cheese, raclette grilled to order, the most delicious mulled wine, loaves and loaves of homemade bread, and other misc. food shops. I can be there ALL DAY and just be full from eating little bits of deliciousness.

I couldn't quite capture the sheer massiveness of this sandwich but they were each about the lenght of my arm. Probably meant to feed a family of four.
I usually like to buy some cheese, bread, or pastries to take home for an afternoon snack. The hardest part is resisting the urge to buy everything I see.

Raspberry & Chilli goat cheese ice cream from [ Greedy Goat ]

As I've mentioned before, there are many so opportunities to sample at the market. Therefore, if is of the utmost importance that you arrive early in the morning with an empty stomach and a thirst for adventure because I can guarantee you'll find something new and interesting to try.

For more information check out [ Borought Market ]

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I had actually written more but somehow blogger decided to suddenly crash on me. It's 12am and this was the best I could do to recover what I wrote. :(


  1. What are some recommendations you have for must try food?!

    1. At the Borough Market, anything goes. Just follow your nose and take your pick of whatever seems the most enticing to you.

      As for the rest of London I actually compiled a list on my Spottly account (basically a build-your-own travel guide/map. Comes in handy if you need to bookmark places): http://spottly.com/jamiekao/collections

      I have a "Best of London" & a London Food rec. list. Happy exploring :)