Sunday, February 23, 2014


So much as happened within the few shorts week since my big move back to Hong Kong. The first few weeks were really frustrating since I had trouble figuring out where I needed to begin. Good thing I had a short 'break' in Chengdu during Chinese New Year, which gave me some time to organize my goals for the year. 

First of all, I couldn't be happier to announce that I've begun interning at { Spottly }, and on top of that, I've also decided to go back to school. I will be working towards earning a BFA in Graphic Design at SCAD Hong Kong starting mid-March. I received my acceptance a few days ago and the thought of going back to school is both terrifying and exciting - I hope I can start taking some graphic design/typography classes immediately. So ready to start learning!

But in the meantime, I think I need to focus on learning how to be more organized and calm in the face of stress and obstacles. It's going to be a very busy year.

Pictured: Hampsted Heath, London

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