Friday, February 7, 2014

HONG KONG | sai kung

After a long 10 day break from blogger I'm ready to jump back on the horse and start blogging again-starting with a post very near and dear to my heart: Sai Kung. A couple days after my move back to Hong Kong, I requested a day trip to visit my old hometown of Sai Kung. At one point while driving it became a game of "I can remember the way home", and for someone who didn't even have her license the last time she visited I did surprisingly well. Driving back to my old neighborhood was a nostalgic punch to the gut--the views were the same, but the neighborhood has seen some changes.

After that brief trip down memory lane, my Dad drove us down to the pier, famous for being a fishing harbor where fisherman still gather today to sell their catch of the day straight from their boat--you lean over the rail to pay them, no kidding. So if you're looking for fresh seafood, Sai Kung is the place to be--just walk into any of the restaurants lined along the waterfront and you'll see lobsters, mantis shrimp, and groupers the size of a small whale, all still alive and kicking, displayed in massive tanks ready to be cooked at a moment's notice. Its like going to an aquarium, but this time you get to eat the fish.

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