Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PERSONAL | week one and counting

It's been about a week since my move to Hong Kong. I'm just getting over my jet lag, but I already feel a cold brewing inside, which means the next couple days would probably look a little something like this: eat, sleep, tv and repeat. Anyways, after the first few days of scrambling around and gathering my bearings (bank, insurance, license), I finally feel a little..settled. However, the cultural adjustment is a completely different story. First of all, the American conveniences I've taken for granted the last several years are now gone. For example, buying groceries was a breeze because everything you'd ever need is all located in one convenient location. In Hong Kong my shopping list takes me through at least three different supermarkets before it's completed. The reason for this being that there doesn't seem to be a price standard for specific types of food--a wedge of cheese at one market can cost $50 (~$6 USD), while the same wedge can cost well over $90 (~$11 USD) at another. It took some cross-checking and multiple trips to different stores before before my kitchen looked like it could sustain me for more than 2 days (it's quite hilarious how little my mom left in the house before she flew to the States; a few cans of cola colas and little pack of dodgy smelling chinese herbs).

Now that all the domestic issues have settled, I finally got a chance to explore my new city a bit. Yesterday, I paid a visit to Sai Kung, the neighborhood I grew up in. My Dad drove us back up our old street to our old house to see if anythings changed over the years. The guard turned out to be quite stuck up so we weren't allowed in the complex, but being there was comforting enough. And that beach is located just down the road from our old house, it was where my parents used to take me and Kelly to { play when we were kids }.

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