Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TRAVEL | prague photo diary

I don't remember much of what I did in Prague. Maybe it was because I was still hung up over Berlin? I'm not sure. When I think back to the city I get flashes of pubs, cobblestone roads, and dirt-cheap food. Oh yes, the food. At that point--after staying in cities such as Amsterdam and Paris--I could not believe I could spend less than 10 euros on a days worth of food. I frequent this great restaurant { Lok├íl } near the heart of town, and each time trying as many dishes as I could--which in turn earned me a 'this girl is crazy' look from the waiter and waitresses working. Unfortunately I have no food photos to declare as I basically inhaled everything the moment it touched down on my table since I had been eating incredibly poorly before entering the Czech Republic. But before you start thinking that all I did in Prague was stuff my face, I did in fact manage to snap some shots of the beautiful city before I left.

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