Monday, August 28, 2017

TRAVEL | prague II

Last week I spent a spontaneous weekend in Prague. My { last visit } always felt a bit too rushed so I decided to return to Prague for round two because I would be crazy to not take advantage of the fact that I live so close now.

Luckily for me a fellow SCAD student was also in town, so I met up with him and his friends for a night of drinking the first night, and casual stroll around the city the second day. Safe to say that this experience outdid the last by a longshot!

I definitely did more walking this time. I think of the reasons is that I'm a little more
fit/healthy this time around haha. It was actually really nice to have the time to explore
more of the city on foot.

Naturally, I returned to Lokal, the food hall that serves a lot of classic Czech dishes.
Everything is pretty affordable so I went for dishes that were new to me and also dishes
that sounds like something I would not able to replicate at home. Pictured above is the
rabbit with mushrooms.

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