Monday, August 1, 2016

TRAVEL | gothenburg

Finally getting back to uploading photos from last year. I almost considered stopping these posts altogether since it doesn't seem to make sense to upload something from so long ago. But then I decided to just go along with it anyways. Maybe I'll write less since these memories aren't fresh in my head anymore but I'm still pretty happy with how the photos came out, so I'll write whatever I can remember.

To be honest I had never thought about visiting Gothenberg. But after meeting my good friend Linda in Hong Kong a few months prior to my trip, who also happens to be from Gothenberg, I thought I'd take a few days to visit her and the city on my way from Copenhagen to Stockholm. It was a good plan. But the ironic twist to the story is that Linda ended up securing a internship in Hong Kong the exact months I was abroad. By the time I found out, the tickets were already bought, and my booking at the hostel was secured so I ended up setting off to Gothenburg anyways haha.

I actually did very little while I was there. I remember it being rainy and very cold, so the weather kept me inside, and when I was out I mostly spent my time strolling around the city in the mornings and enjoying { fika } in the afternoons. It was the perfect break from the chaos of all the traveling.


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  1. Amazing blog you've got here! Came across it randomly on Pinterest and while scrolling admiringly, I realized I met you briefly in Copenhagen at Sleep in Heaven :) small world