Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TRAVEL | ghent

For this trip I've learned to take it easy and let spontaneity take over from time to time. Ghent in Belgium wasn't a destination I had planned for this trip, but after a chat about travel plans over some beers with my roomies from Antwerp, a few of us ended up organising a excursion to the little Medieval city.
While my friends were on the free walking tour of the city I went off on my own to explore the city. I Came across a waffle stand and thought hey, when in Rome so I ordered a massive Belgium waffle with chocolates and fresh strawberries. It was delicious, however I felt like the portion size was clearly catering to the American tourists. I was only able to eat about 1/3 of it before the sweetness overwhelmed me. Reminder for the future: always share!!! 

After their tour, Natalie, Laura, Casey and I went out in search for the world renowned Belgium fries with fresh house-made mayonnaise. Personally I've never been the biggest fan of potatoes so I never really understood what the fuss with Belgium fries was all about. But sitting by the canals with new friends while munching on those artery-clogging morsels was a glorious way end to our day.

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