Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TRAVEL | antwerpen

I had so much fun visiting Antwerp. Coming straight from Amsterdam, I had expected to be underwhelmed by the little city. I didn't have the best first impression of the city. Turns out my { hostel } was a bit further away from the center than I would have liked, but I booked it because it had good reviews online. In the end it was one of the best decisions I've made on this trip, and I had the best time. I met so many people at AB, many of whom I still keep in contact with today--I even met up with a few of them in Vienna this past week!

In fact, I enjoyed Antwerp so much I extended my four day stay to six days total. Eventually, I was known as the veteran AB hostel as most people usually only spend two, three days at best in the city. Most of the hostel staff were travellers themselves, but just picked up the job at random while passing through. I realised later on that more than half of them arrived the same afternoon I did! We spent the whole week getting to know each other, trading stories over beers, and welcoming new travellers into our little family.  

One of my hostel friends and I decided to take a day and do some sightseeing together. There was a street a few blocks from our neighborhood that is known for their extensive graffiti. I'm still amazed at what a positive attitude Europeans have towards street art culture. They don't do it because it's trendy and hipster, but they do it for the love of it. And its so refreshing to see the city embrace/respect the artists as well.

I originally had more photos to post from Antwerp's { Middelheim Open Air Sculpture Museum } but my camera fogged up because of the cold and the rain. :(

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