Friday, May 8, 2015

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It's difficult to be committed to a craft when there's school, work, and a social life to worry about. In the end it's always easier to put it aside and tell yourself that you'll just "do it tomorrow", and next thing you know you end up with a list so long that the only reasonable thing to do is to say "fuck it" and then deal with it....tomorrow...

This year I am determined to see things through. No more half-baked promises. I'm just going to do things and then hopefully get better at it in the process. The number one item on my priority list is: photography. Yes, while I do take my camera out to shoot often, I rarely shoot with a purpose--just a shop front here, and a charming street there--nothing special.

That being said, I've made it may goal this year to improve in portrait photography. Turns out, its really fun shooting people. I still need to work with with posing and directing my models but like all things, it comes with practice. And since I don't have models or a studio to work friends will just have to do :P

Isn't my buddy Li Hui is the cutest thing ever?! She's a budding photographer too, so that day we agreed to be each other's photographer/model (which is why she has so many { photos of me } with the same backdrop). We also did a bit of location scouting and discovered some great walls and spaces for future shoots. And we got lucky with the weather that day--beautiful grey skies!

It's always good to experiment a bit. And now I'm beginning to get a better understanding of what kind of photographer I am. Here's to hoping I don't get lazy and continue to better myself and my craft.

photo 7 by { Ting Li Hui }

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