Sunday, May 10, 2015

PERSONAL | mother's day

Kept this year's Mother's Day by heading to my Mum and my favourite brunch spot in the city. I've been to a few brunch spots in Hong Kong Island, but in terms of price, ambiance, and food I think Cupping Room wins all.

I also can't say no to the Scandinavian vibes I get from this place, I mean look at those tiles!!! And they make a one of the best cups of coffee in the city--the perfect way to finish a meal!

My favourite: chilli scrambled eggs over toast with bacon & greens

After brunch, my mum and I walked on over to star street to do a bit of (window) shopping. I seriously almost walked away with a { rose gold candle holder } from HAY but I saved that money for a { A.P.C. N°4 candle } instead.

Overall, brunch and shopping was a success! Happy Mother's Day Mama!!!

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