Friday, April 17, 2015

HONG KONG | the hole-in-the-walls

I found this fantastic little spot on one of my walks from campus. It happens to be a hostel, coffee bar, and office all in one!

I walked into the shop thinking I crashed an office meeting, but turns out the hostel often rents out the desk/main hallway to local companies in need of a work space. If the tables are in use that day then coffee patrons are ushered to the backroom where they can find a place to sit to sip their drinks.

I couldn't help but be in awe of the decor when I first walked past the velvet red curtains. I felt as if I stepped straight into Ghibli film. There was stuff everywhere! Shelves were filled to the brim, bicycles were hanging from the ceiling, and the table strewn with half eaten bagels and cookies. Despite all that, I found the place incredibly charming because it looked so well-lived in, and every one seemed so happy to be there just working, chatting, and drinking coffee.

I'll definitely be back soon.

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