Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY | earring organizer

One of my secret travel hacks I use whenever I'm on the road. However, I do recommend carrying as little jewellery as with you as you can when you're on the road because - trust me, you'll never wear them. And in the end it'll just become extra dead weight you have to carry from one place to another. But if you're like me and can't resist bringing shiny things with you on a trip, this simple yet effective diy can help keep things a little more organised.

My biggest problem when bringing multiple earrings on a trip is that I always end up losing one or two pairs due to my horrible organisation habits. I lost one of my favourite pairs in Bristol - I was too lazy to put them away at night so I left them on the book shelf for safekeeping. Before I fell asleep I made sure to remind myself that they were there so I would be careful not to knock them over when I wake up. But when morning came, that was exactly what I did and my favourite gold bar earrings fell into the abyss that is the edge of the bed - lost to me forever. So then I decided enough was enough and came up with this little solution.

001_All you need is a small piece of artificial leather (it's too difficult to poke holes through real leather) or any sort of stiffer fabric you can get your hands on.
002_Cut the leather into whatever shape you want.
003_Organise your earrings. 

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