Thursday, July 11, 2013

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So many things are changing next year--I myself will be making a move back to the Motherland--other people will be graduating, or starting their first jobs, or moving in with their significant others. A couple years ago it was fun and exciting to talk, or even joke about these big life changes but when I stop to think about it, these choices we'll have to make are creeping towards us, slowly but surely.

I had lunch with a friend today and we sat for hours talking about the future.. and somewhere in between constructing our hilarious personal fantasy life--complete with a fruitful career, a loving husband, and (duh!) lots of money--we also ended up confiding in each other our fears and doubts of young adulthood. Our conversation shone a light on where I currently stand, and where my decisions will eventually take me. I know what I must do, and I'm prepared to work my butt off to get where I'm going. But all this future talk--the inevitability of it all, sometimes makes me scared that one day there will be no room for silly dreams and childhood friendships. Sometimes I am so ready, and some other times so-not-ready to get this show on the road.

This all can get a little complicated, but before I finish this post I have to mention a dear friend of mine (Jo) who had once sent out an email sharing her story on her times at this same crossroads. She is one of the most hard-working people I know, so reading through the old email was comforting and inspirational. She concluded her story with quote from her friend, which I thought was so eloquently put, and rings so true for us 'young adults' who have only just begun to experience what the real world has to offer, so I thought I'd share as well:

 "Instead of following a model or meeting an expectation, we are learning from each other about becoming adults and learning about the people we want to be… It’s no longer about figuring out how to fit in into an existing society, but thinking of ways to create the world in which we want to live in."


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