Saturday, February 25, 2017

BERLIN | kottbusser tor

I think it's about time that Berlin get's its own category on the blog, considering how much time I spend and will spend there in there in the following months, and hopefully years.

I arrived about a week and a half ago and have just been taking it easy and getting myself reacquainted with the city. I did end up wasted a lot of time getting over the jetlage this time around, so I was pretty much useless for the first couple of days.

The other day I finally felt good enough to take my camera out for a spin. I never regretted not taking many photos during the summer (even though the city was gorgeous) because I was having such a blast trying to live in the moment for once. Not that I'm not doing it now, but I miss shooting, even if it's of arbitrary things. So here's my little visual diary of sorts from Feb 22nd--all I did was head out to Kottbusser Tor to hangout at my usual haunts.

As unremarkable as it is, I really like Roman's apartment/building and 
neighbourhood. There's a certain cozy quality to it, plus he told me once 
that this building was built pre-WWII, so it's essentially ancient!

Forgot to check what kind of flowers these were. I saw them being displayed
,in full bloom, at an & other stories storefront and they were so beautiful...

I'm pretty bummed that this turned out blurry. I still have so much trouble
being discrete when photographing strangers. The astigmatism in my eyes
aren't exactly helping either.

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