Wednesday, October 28, 2015

INSPIRATION | atelier hildo krop

Every year during the second weekend of September the city of Amsterdam hosts a event celebrating the monumental buildings in the city. This means opening up houses, palaces, and studios that aren't usually accessible to the public and hosting talks and tours that celebrate the history of the Netherlands.

Just like the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, I always seem to be the last person to know about all these events--maybe I need to do more research before I visit I city. Thankfully my roommate turned friend, Shirley told me all about it and we managed to fit in one tour of Hildo Krop's atelier before she left that afternoon.

{ Hildo Krop } is among one of the most well known artists in the Netherlands. He is most notable of his work as Amsterdam's city sculptor. It's impossible to visit the city without running into some of his work.

Today, the space is occupied by artist, Mieke Kleinendorst. All of Krops works have been cleared out long ago, save for a piece he literally carved into the walls of his studio. But it didn't really matter to me whether it was Kleinendorst or Krops studio. It has always been a dream of mine to visit a artist's workspace, no matter whom it may belong to. It was just so inspirational to actually see an artist in their own environment.

I'm definitely filing this under "studio goals"

& thank you Shirley for letting me borrow your fuji

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