Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TRAVEL | green food

It's insane how much vegetables Cheung Du-ers eat in a day. This has been great for me the past couple days because I haven't had time recently to incorporate a wider range of greens into my diet.

On my first day Becky took me to her cousin's plot of land in a village west of Cheng Du—will have to find out the actual name of the place soon, I keep forgetting—to pick fresh vegetables from his garden. We came home with, I kid you not, 15+ bags of produce! From eggplants and zucchini, to a few chinese veggies I've never even seen. Half of the vegetables went home with Becky's parents and we kept the other half. Today is my fourth afternoon here and we've only managed to polish off about half of what we picked.

If anyone's planning on visiting sichuan in the future, I would say: skip the hotpot and go straight for the green stuff.

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