Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TRAVEL | the last of londontown

I've been putting off uploading the last of my photos from London for a long time (about 4 months to be exact). Half of its because I'm not loving how some of the photos came out but mostly it's because (cheesy, but bear with me here) I really couldn't bring myself to look at them - I miss it too much. In my little two month trip I was probably the happiest I've ever been - I learned a lot, I pushed myself both mentally and physically, and I met some outstanding people on the road. It was just too sad to think about bidding that chapter goodbye. At least for now..until I manage to save up for another adventure.

A bit of East London on my second to last day. I remember it being freezing that afternoon despite the warmer weather earlier in the week. I took a trip here specifically to take photos because I love this edgier, grittier side to London. Unfortunately the cold kept me from taking photos because after about an hour in my fingers became frozen solid.

Had to stop by [ Nude Espresso ] on Hanbury Street for a cup of Flat White to warm myself up. It looked like a great place to sit for breakfast and coffee but it was a Sunday morning and the cafe was filled to the brim. I did end up picking up one of these gorgeous scones to eat on the road though.

On this past trip, I've developed a new appreciation for Bankside, London. I took a walk one rainy morning from [ Borough Market ] to [ Tate Modern ] - as sort of a small farewell to my favorite places in the city - when the light pierced through the clouds and for just a moment and lit up the whole riverbank. After what has been one of the coldest weeks since my trip began, having the sun out and shining was an absolute treat (but knowing I'd be back in sunny California by the end of the week, I was secretly wishing for more rain, shhh). 

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