Friday, October 4, 2013

TRAVEL | bruges photo diary

Wow. I'm getting seriously behind in uploading my photos. I'm already moving on to my fifth city after Bruges. But back to the point, Bruges is a fantastic little Flemish town in northwest of Belgium. It was quite a change from the hustle and bustle of London and Paris--there weren't cars everywhere trying to run me over and there weren't people shoving me out of the way because they thought I walked too slowly. All in all, I welcomed the more laid-back atmosphere of a small town.

I stayed in Bruges a grand total of 2 nights. I arrived in the afternoon on the first day but had to spend the latter half of the day doing laundry (hey, a traveling girl's got priorities). The next day, however, was more constructive: I rented a bike for a measly 9 euro and set off on a full day of exploring. While it may not be as photogenic as my last city (Paris), Bruges has a whole different charm of its own. The thing about Bruges is that it still has a lot of its medieval architecture intact, so I felt like stepping into a whole different world when walking through the streets. 

Though after Bruges I've kind of developed a sort of love-hate relationship with cobblestone streets. Have you ever tried biking on cobblestone before? Because, let me tell you, it is not easy and a very uncomfortable experience--I was nursing a sore bottom for a week--but damn you can't deny it adds an whole lotta of charm to a city. 

One last thing: Chocolate. Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate. The streets of Bruges are literally lined with chocolateries--which is great because whenever you walk by them it just smells divine. Some places manufacture their chocolates in-store so I was able to take a peek a the process when it wasn't too busy and filled with chocolate crazed tourists. However, I heard from a local that the secret is that the best places to find chocolates are actually at the local supermarkets. The quality and flavor is just as good as the ones found in specialty stores and only a fraction of the price. I still have some left from my trip but haven't the heart to open them yet. They're special, so therefore should be saved for a rainy day.

So bring it on rainy days, I'm ready for you!

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