Friday, December 27, 2013

DIY | berlingot clutch

The Berlingot is such a simple DIY to make. The bag only calls for a piece of sturdy rectangular fabric, a zipper, and minimal sewing skills. This project was inspired by the Celine Berlingot from their 2013 Winter Collection, one of my favorite bloggers - Ivania, and those little colorful coin pouches I used to have as a child.

13"x18" piece of felt
needle and thread
9" zipper

001_Fold and sew along the longer sides
002_Turn the bag around and flatten it with the seam running along the middle
003_Close the bottom of the bag by sewing another seam. At this point the seams should look like a "T"  (photo no. 2)
003_Partically unzip the zipper (so you have a hole to flip the bag right-side-out) and sew the zipper on the other opening
004_Flip bag right side out and happy storing!

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